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Čtvrtek Březen 13 14:00:38 CET 1997

On Thu, 13 Mar 1997, Richard Sputa wrote:

> Kdyz uz jsme u toho (ja to zatim nepotrebuju) jak se da nastavit 
> citlivost mysi? (myslim posunu o tolik na podlozce- posune se o tolik 
> na obrazovce)
Pozri: man xset

The m option controls the mouse parameters.  The parameters for
the mouse are cceleration' and hreshold'.  The mouse, or
whatever pointer the machine is connected to, will go ccelera-
tion' times as fast when it travels more than hreshold' pixels
in a short time. This way, the mouse can be used for precise
alignment when it is moved slowly, yet it can be set to travel
across the screen in a flick of the wrist when desired. One or
both parameters for the m option can be omitted, but if only one
is given, it will be interpreted as the acceleration.  If no
parameters or the flag 'default' is used, the system defaults
will be set.

(Na linuxe to moze byt troska ine, toto je zo starsieho manualu)
(Bohuzial, linux mam daleko.) 

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