Red Hat 4.9 (Mustang) BETA release (fwd)

Pavel JANIK ml. pjanik na
Úterý Říjen 7 19:56:10 CEST 1997

----- Forwarded message from Erik Troan -----

Red Hat Mustang (aka Red Hat 4.9) is now avaialble. It is a beta release
which continues along the path of Thunderbird.

The highlights of Mustang (comared to Red Hat 4.2) include:

	1) completely glibc based (though libc5 applications continue
	   to run [well, applix does anyway])
	2) new fdisk code (if this doesn't convince you to backup, nothing
	3) XFree86 3.3.1 (just like you can get for Biltmore already)
	4) Completely automated install (kickstart)
	5) Hardware autoprobing (for PCI cards and mice)
	6) Includes user-mode tools for filesystem access, gecos editing,
	   and network interfaces.
	7) Network interfaces can have multiple configurations (such
	   as 'hotel' and 'direct' for a PPP line).
	8) tcl 8.0, which provides a massive performance improvement

Mustang has seen quite a bit of testing, and users may upgrade to Mustang
from previous releases of Red Hat Linux (including Thunderbird).
A new mailing list has been established at mustang-list na which is
dedicated to letting thirlled sportcar owners laud our accomplishments.
Subscribe by sending mail with a subject of "subscribe" (please leave out
the quotes though) to mustang-list-request na

Mustang does seem quite stable and we encourage users to try it. Keep in
mind that it is a beta release, however, so things will go wrong.

- The Red Hat Linux Development Team

----- End of forwarded message from Erik Troan -----

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