Pavel JANIK ml. pjanik na aida.inet.cz
Středa Říjen 8 14:00:41 CEST 1997

> Chtel bych nakonfigurovat xdm na Linuxu tak, aby misto prihlasovaciho okna 
> nejprve  nabidl menu hostitelskych masin,
> teprve po volbe stroje prislusne logovaci okno.
man xdm 
       When xdm receives an Indirect query via XDMCP, it can  run
       a  chooser  process to perform an XDMCP BroadcastQuery (or
       an XDMCP Query to specified hosts) on behalf of  the  dis-
       play  and  offer a menu of possible hosts that offer XDMCP
       display management.  This feature is useful with X  termi-
       nals that do not offer a host menu themselves.

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