Dlouhy fwd: CP-1250 coded pages on Unix

Jan Prikryl prikryl na cg.tuwien.ac.at
Neděle Říjen 12 13:56:53 CEST 1997

Ahoj vsem,

stezoval jsem si Netscapum, ze mi nejdou zobrazovat CP-1250 stranky na 
Linuxu a Irixu vybavenych ISO-8859-2 fonty. A, k memu prekavapeni, mi
dneska dosla odpoved, jez je uvedena nize.

Jedna se o NS Communicator 4.03 [en] ... doufam, posledni verze. Na Linuxu
mi CP-1250 stale nechodi, na IRIXu to musim jeste vyzkouset.

Nerad bych se blamoval (lepe receno byl za blba) ... byl by nekdo z
teto konference tak laskav a potvrdil mi, ze to CP-1250 nechodi?
Pripadne poslal nejaka URL, jez to dokazuji?

Dik moc.

-- JP

               Jan Prikryl <prikryl na cg.tuwien.ac.at>
         Institute of Computer Graphics and Visualisation
             Vienna University of Technology, Austria

----- Forwarded message from Katsuhiko Momoi -----

Hi, Jan,

First of all, please accept my apology in being a bit late in answering
your inquiry.

To answer your question, the problem you describe should not happen if
your Unix client has proper ISO-8859-2 support available on your
system. The procedure is as follows: 1) install an ISO-8859-2 font, 2)
View a document in CP-1250, ISO-8859-2, or MacCE encodings by
adjusting the browser's View | Encoding Menu (i.e. by telling
Communicator what encoding the document is in.) Communicator cannot
automatically detect which of the 3 Central European encoding a
document unless A) the document has a meta-tag declaring its character
set, or B) the server send the document character set info via HTTP
protocol. Thus in the absence of such information (A or B), the user
needs to explicitly manipulate the View | Encoding Menu and change
between 3 CE encodings.

If the above suggestions do not solve your problem, please reply to this
message. In order to investigate your problem, please send me an URL of a
CP-1250 page that causes the problem for you.
It would also help to know that you have installed the font correctly.

About printing ISO-8859-2 documents, it is not a simple process. So let me
answer that in another message later.

Thank you again for writing to us,

- Kat Momoi
    International Evangelist

Jan Prikryl wrote:

> Hi,
> I am desperatley looking for a guide how I shall make Communicator 4.x
> to understand pages written in Windows CP-1250 (Windows Eastern Europe
> coding)
> on any Unix machine (ISO 8859-2 fonts installed). Using your setup guide
> one can read pages written in ISO 8859-2, but not in CP-1250 (they
> disaply
> in ISO 8859-1 font all the time) which kind of degrades the usability of
> Communicator in our area ...
> Other thing that I would appreciate is a note how can I print out ISO
> 8859-2
> (or CP-1250) documents out of Communicator.
> -- JP
> -- prikryl na acm.org

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