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Leos Bitto bitto na atrey.karlin.mff.cuni.cz
Středa Leden 14 11:41:55 CET 1998

On Tue, 13 Jan 1998, Pavel Machek wrote:

> > 
> > Mate nekdo zkusenosti s dvema monitory/gr. kartami pod linuxem?
> Jo, chodi to ale chce to kernelovy patch. (Chodi jen to co umi hw, tj
> VGA proti monochromu.)

Nedavno bylo tohle v comp.os.linux.announce:

Hello All People Reading,

This message is to announce the release of GGI-0.0.9 public.


More detailed information can be found at 

GGI-0.0.9 Features

The highlights of GGI-0.0.9 can be summarized as:

	* easy to use support for mixed brand multi-display
	  configurations. You can plug in two video cards, from
	  different vendors and run independent graphics 
	  applications (or consoles) on both. Configurations
	  tested include S3 968 with normal VGA, 3Dlabs Permedia
	  based cards, another (two) S3 968 cards and lots more.
	  But multihead capability depends on the particular
	  drivers and hardware, so not all supported cards
	  can be run multi-display.

Leos Bitto

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