[Q] NT40 with an linus ISDN-router

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Pondělí Leden 19 19:08:15 CET 1998

Hi all!

I have a big problem using an LINUX box as an
ISDN router to my provider.
The Ethernet behind the router consists of 3xWin95 machines
and one machine using NT4.0 Workstation.
The router works with synchron ppp, ipppd, isdnctrl and ifpwadm.

The win95 machines work ok. Whenever they request a connection 
to outside the local net (192.168.0.) the router dials, contacts
the name server etc.
The NT40 WS does the problems. Whenever I boot the machine it has to
communicate with an machine located outside of the local net.
My questions are:

- How can I trace which machine(IP) the NT40 machine tries to connect
  This should be done on the linux side. There is an option isdnctrl
-verbose n
  but where are the debug informations looged??

- How can I suppress those unrequested dialouts from the NT40 machine?
Is it just
  a configuration problem or is it the nature of NT to behave like

I would be very happy if you can give me a hint so I can cut down my
phone bill.

Thanx in advance.

joachim mueller

joachim na wemove.com

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