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Pátek Leden 30 04:41:31 CET 1998

Open letter to ANYONE... Who Wants To Make HONEST Money!

*** First time network marketer's welcome... we'll show you how!!!

Do you want to make money from... Electric Power Deregulation
and MORE!

The MORE, includes BOTH "Acquisition Fees" & "Ongoing Commissions"
from the following:

Internet Access & Services, Cable & Digital Satellite TV, Cellular
Phone, Local & Long Distance Service, Home Security Monitoring,
Paging, Internet Home Shopping and More!

This WILL be Bigger Than Telcom... MUCH BIGGER !!!

However, company and group you join is VERY IMPORTANT!

Our company has been in business for 14 years and had sales in
excess of 1.4 billion dollars in 1997.

If you evaluate our opportunity and decide to join our group
WE PROVIDE YOU and YOUR DOWNLINE with the following:  

1.  Support from SEVERAL full time network marketers.
2.  FREE personalized self replicating Web site to advertise.
3.  FREE 800 opportunity messages for you to advertise.
4.  FREE 24 hr. conference call numbers to advertise.
5.  FREE 24 hr. training call numbers for your group.
6.  FREE fax on demand business overview number to advertise.
7.  FREE 7 page report on "Marketing Tips" specifically
     written for our business opportunity.
8.  Pre-printed "electricity opportunity postcards" 
     already pre-addressed to serious network marketers.  

.. and everything else we will have available in the future.

I myself am a full time network marketer AND know that for me
to be successful... YOU MUST BE SUCCESSFUL TOO!

For complete details, EMAIL your request to: 
electricinfo na yepitslegal.com

Type "electric info" in the subject line.  You will receive detailed 
Information, via return email (without obligation) within 24 hours.

Kindest Personal Regards,
Brad Elder

P.S.:  Electricity deregulation will represent the largest shift of
wealth in the history of our country.  It wasn't available for your
parents and it won't be here for your children.  The future is now
and the earnings potential for you is unlimited!!!

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