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Úterý Červen 2 19:00:59 CEST 1998

On Tue, 2 Jun 1998, Milan Sorm wrote:

> > tar -xvzf linux-2.0.34.tar.gz
> > cd linux
> > patch -p1 < ../patch-2.0.34pre16
> ne, patch -p0   
> (nevim jestli je v tom rozdil, ale -p0 funguje)

Nemoze. -p0 funguje ak si v adresary /usr/src. -p1 funguje ak si v adresary
/usr/src/linux. Ak si pouzil prikazy tak ako som ich napisal, musi fungovat
-p1, ak si postupoval podla navodu Leosa Bitta, tak -p0.

A rozdiel medzi nimi? Pomoze pohlad do manualu:
       -p[number], --strip[=number]
            sets  the  pathname  strip  count, which controls how
            pathnames found in the patch  file  are  treated,  in
            case the you keep your files in a different directory
            than the person who sent out the  patch.   The  strip
            count  specifies  how many slashes are to be stripped
            from the front of  the  pathname.   (Any  intervening
            directory  names also go away.)  For example, suppos-
            ing the file name in the patch file was


            setting -p or -p0 gives the entire  pathname  unmodi-
            fied, -p1 gives


            without the leading slash, -p4 gives


            and   not   specifying  -p  at  all  just  gives  you
            "blurfl.c", unless all  of  the  directories  in  the
            leading  path  (u/howard/src/blurfl)  exist  and that
            path is relative, in which case you  get  the  entire
            pathname  unmodified.   Whatever  you  end up with is
            looked for either in the current  directory,  or  the
            directory specified by the -d option.

Ja som si zvykol pouzivat -p1 preto, lebo mam casto rozbalenych viac verzii
kernelu a nevyhovuje mi, ked mi patch modifikuje adresar na ktory ukazuje
linka /usr/src/linux. Takto sa prepnem do spravneho adresara (napr.
/usr/src/linux-2.1.103) a opatchujem ten.


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