(HP PA-RISC a Linux) Was: Re: Moznost koupit pocitac bez MS Windows?

Petr Snajdr snajdr na brailcom.cz
Pondělí Červen 15 11:47:42 CEST 1998

>>>>> "Jan" == Jan Havlicek <havlicek na vse.cz> writes:

    Jan: Julius Hrivnac wrote:
    :: HP (PA-RISC) se da koupit s HP-UX, WNT nebo MkLinux primo od
    :: HP. Alespon to tvrdi ve svem katalogu, nezkousel jsem to.
    :: J.Hrivnac --

    Jan: *** on beha Linux na HP PA-RISC? Mame tu jednu HP 9000 a tohle
    Jan: by me celkem zajimalo?

    Jan: Honza


   Hewlett Packard has provided support for a port of MkLinux to the HP
   PA-RISC platform.

     * A snapshot of MkLinux for HP PA-RISC
       machines is now available on
       the OSF Software Mall. The MkLinux for
       PA-RISC distribution
       provides a bootable system with X11R6,
       the sources for the Open
       Group Research Institute Microkernel and the
       Linux server,
       together with the installation notes.
     * Additional information can be found on
       one of our engineer's
       personal MkLinux for PA-RISC Web page.


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     Petr Snajdr

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