Jan ' Kozo ' Vajda jvajda na
Pátek Říjen 9 08:44:22 CEST 1998

:> A message was received which contained a virus:
:> 	From:		Jaroslav Benkovsky
:> 	Subject:		[Fwd: linux 2.0.35 ip aliasing with aliased hwaddr]
:> This message contains 1 virus:
:> 	Unknown		infected with the =03 virus

:-{)) ludia .. uz som videl kadeco .. ale automaticky kontrolovac virusov,
ktory ho najde v maile, kde nie je .. to uz je na mna dost ..

:> This message was generated by ThunderBYTE Anti-Virus for MS Exchange

ale myslim, ze tusim ...=20

		                                   K O Z O=20
                                      Look At Your Young Man Fighting
                                         Look At Your Woman Crying
                                       Look At Your Young Man Dying
                                    The Way They've Always Done Before

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