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Úterý Únor 16 01:03:11 CET 1999

Welcome to Star Division,

In the following, you will find the data required for the installation and the final registration of your StarOffice 5.0 version as specified in the registration form.

Your Personal Key is (required for the installation):

Your Customer No. Is (required for enabling the unlimited version):

Important Note, the subsequent registration key is exclusively based on the user data you specify (specified) during the online or fax registration. Only when referring to exactly these data, a registration of StarOffice can be processed. If you have modified your user data in the meantime or you will modify them later on using the Tools menu ('Tools - Options - General', 'User Data' tab), the registration key has / will become invalid and a new registration key must be requested from Star Division.

The User Data you sent us (the subsequent registration key can only be valid with this data)

Linux CZ
Masarykova 3
CZ 1234 460001 Liberec
linux na

The Registration Key is (required for enabling the unlimited version):


Please note that the (unregistered) string in the StarOffice 5.0 title bar will disappear after successful registration. You should backup this e-mail or print it and save it for a re-installation you may need to perform at any time later.

Your Star Division Team

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