NetBEUI Re: win95 komunikace s linuxem

Jiri Kulhan jiri.kulhan na
Pátek Říjen 8 18:30:15 CEST 1999

Dobry den,

Frantisek Dufka wrote:
> Jen me tak zhruba jednou za pul roku napada, proc neni v linuxu podpora NetBEUI
> ? Nebo snad je, ale nemluvi se o tom ?
> Zni odpoved 'nikomu se jeste nechtelo.', nebo to ma nejaky jiny duvod ?

v dokumentaci k Sambe, oddilu Projects se pise :

Netbeui support

This aimed to produce patches so that Samba can be used with clients
that do not have TCP/IP. It will try to remain as portable as possible.
Contact Brian.Onn na Canada.Sun.COM (Brian Onn) Unfortunately it died, and
although a lot of people have expressed interest nobody has come forward
to do it. The Novell port (see Samba web pages) includes NetBEUI
functionality in a proprietrary library which should still be helpful as
we have the interfaces. Alan Cox (a.cox na has the information
required to write the state machine if someone is going to do the work.

Status last updated 2nd October 1996

Jiri Kulhan

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