Fw: Re: OT: WEB HOSTING!!! And imperative.

Jaroslav Lukesh lukesh na seznam.cz
Středa Říjen 27 09:05:03 CEST 1999

Omlouvam se za velmi dlouhy OT, ale je to docela zajimave cteni. Hlavne,
aby se u nas nenasel nejaky sardinkovy kluk, nebo dopadneme jako v
australii (obsah inetu musi byt "bezpecny" pro osoby od sedmi let!!!).
Skoda, ze jsem predchozi maily smazaval, byly tam taky dobre joky.
J. Lukesh

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| Poedmit: RE: Re: OT: WEB HOSTING!!! And imperative.
| Datum: 27. oíjna 1999 2:59
| Y-ellow Paul 'n' y'all.
| At 02:21 PM 10/26/99 +0100, Paul Maddox wrote:
| >Doyle,
| >
| >  Erk, you said a banned word , or dozen.....
| >
| >  Like you say, someone in australian government obviously
| >swallowed the medias "the internet is death and pervsion" pill!
| Actually it's way more complex than that. If it were that simple we would
| have fort the good fight and won.
| You see we have this religious nutter called Brian Harradine. Senator
| Harradine. Until recently he held the balance of power in the Senate.
| Someone showed him a rude picture on the net once and he became hell bent
| to destroy it.
| Now the unfortunately elected bastard government also had an agenda of
| their own. They wanted to create a new tax which slugs poor people and
| of most of our public assets. But Brian Harradine (or  Sardine boy as
| known) stood in their way. He said. "Kill the internet or I won't pass
| new tax laws"...
| That about sums it up.
| The day the legislation passed we lost 240 million dollars worth of
| internet investment  in this country. Senator Dicky Alston, the mongrel
| charge of communications in this country, said we (ISPs, content
| and internet people in general) were all "Idiots" and we "Didn't know
| they are talking about." This, despite 100 submissions to the contrary
| 2 reports commissioned  by his own department which said. "Don't do it
| Dicky. You'll send this country back to the stone age." Ironically, the
| following week, Dicky AlSton-ed flew out to the US to drum up IT business
| for Australia. Silicon valley and others laughed him  out of the country.
| He said  of Americans. "They're all idiots. They don't know what they're
| talking about."
| In the process of all this he managed to break 3 trade agreements with
| US and even a UN resolution on freedom of speech. And then our Beef
| industry wonders why the US said. "Nar I think we can do without buying
| your rotten meat." Basically in one bout of ultimate stupidity, this
| mongrel government stuck it's fingers up and flipped off the entire
| Then wonders why no-one wants to do business with us any more.
| Now we're all geeks. We saw this as a bug in the system requiring a
| work-around solution. Which I can cope with. But now! These evil bastards
| are proposing a new law. One that basically makes it a criminal offence 
| provide web content which they deem to be "Offensive." There is no
| definition of what is or isn't offensive. It is entirely  up to the
| of some arbitrary body of people on the day.  There is no provision in
| legislation for a warning. Like. "We  idiot bastard nutters  in power
| determined your site is offensive. you have 24 hours to destroy it."
| Instead, the law says it's an instant criminal  offense and we're coming
| arrest you for it.
| Now none of this is a problem if you run a site suitable for
| but if you run a site which tells it like it is in any fashion then
| likely a target. Synth, or electronics information could be seen in the
| same context as bomb making or drug manufacture. The fact that My site
| articles and stories from Geeks could be seen as subversive. It's too big
| risk  to take.
| But they can't touch you if you host the site outside of Australia. So
| whilst I can get a very good deal to host it here, I can't do it even if
| was free.
| Now it has to be realized. This Australia we're talking about. Nice,
| friendly, happy, laid back, sunny Australia.  The same government which,
| after years of fighting for their rights, Cut funding for Education for
| Aboriginals. The same government who are consistently trying to erode
| Aboriginal Rights. The same government who are trying to kick Invalid
| pensioners out into the gutter. The same Government who are trying to
| away everyone's rights in the work place. The same government who cut
| services to the point where if you get sick, you die... The same
| who are quite happy to take your tourist dollars and make sure you don't
| see any of the real Australia while  you're here. So it's not surprising
| that they'd try and suppress anyone from telling it like it really is on
| the internet.
| Oh yeah did I mention that this new draft legislation makes it an offence
| for Australians to say anything offensive or subversive in a public
| forum. Such as Usenet or publicly accessible list servers and chat???
| deal. Go  to jail don't pass go.
| Now I know this is way OT but that's what's happening down here. And why
| I'm desperate for cheap off shore web hosting. I can't afford commercial
| rates because I don't make any money out of the site. It is simply our
| (AEK's) creative outlet.
| There will be a lot more of us looking for hosting OS in the coming
| What can I say? Australia was once a nice place. Perhaps when the
| Aboriginals had it. But if you wanna see a bunch of scared middle class
| Australians going. "I'm gonna loose my job if I don't smile for the
| tourists." then come on down. 
| Be absolutely Icebox.
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