ADV: Presidential Crisis : The Election Battle Continues

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                    P R E S I D E N T I A L   C R I S I S

Greetings Citizen:

You have been selected to participate in an important survey on a major set of
issues which affect the future of our great Country.  As we all are now aware,
the Nation is facing a potential crisis as to not only the identity of its'
top leader, but further this individual's right or mandate to lead us.  Please
take a moment to respond to this very important survey.  The results of our
survey shall be made available to the members of the Electoral College prior
to their historical vote for our next President on December 18, 2000.

      * LIVE SURVEY RESULTS * are available and posted on our web page: 


To encourage prompt participation, individuals whom respond shall be provided
with an opportunity to obtain 60 MINUTES of free interstate long distance
calling from one of our survey sponsors.  Please take the time to respond to
this very brief, ten (10) question survey.



  Forward this important survey to a friend, for his or hers participation:


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The Electronic Voice of the People

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