Milos Prudek prudek na
Pátek Červenec 7 12:57:42 CEST 2000

> >   Our environment is composed of an application server and a database
> >   server. Both run HP-UX.
> >   I want to run ESQL/C programs on my Linux that will query the database
> Both machines are running HP-UX, but one of them is running
> Linux?  I'm a little confused about your setup.

No. The Linux is extra. The app/database servers are HP-UXes. I just do
not want to put my ESQL/C programs on HP-UX app server, so I'm
developing on an additional client machine, which has Linux. And this
machine must talk to HP-UX server directly.

Anyway, it works now. After looking thoroughly into app server, I
discovered that sqlhosts should have 'onsoctcp' while I incorrectly
thought that the correct value is 'ontlitcp'. You were rightly leading
me to compare existing configuration with a new one.

Thanks to all!

Milos Prudek

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