selling 0.5 million email addresses @ only usd89.00 ----sending hundreds of million Emails to reach your targeted market @ only USD299.00 per time and more....

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Sobota Únor 23 19:59:05 CET 2002

Good news:                     

                                  Email Marketing and Advertising

Email addresses are best for customers acquisition and to increase sales and service that 
improves your companies' revenues quilkly and tremendously. 

Email Marketing is the newest wave of direct marketing and receiving immediate and good results. it's also the largest advertising market in the world.

Email marketing is a effective, faster and cheapest way to reach your target market on the 
Internet cyberworld, its practically free to reach thousands of millions of consumers/people.

For the far less then the cost of a postage stamp or finding leads yourself, you can use the Email marketing, for your advertising and to drive buyers to your companies, offices, domain etc. in the cyberworld today! 
Finding postal or Email addresses can be a difficult and costly task.

We have over hundreds of  million Emails in our database, we have our speacial bulk email quick sending softwares using in non-stop, 24 houres a day to reach your targeted market. We can do all of the above tasks for you and save your money, time and there are no headaches at all. The price of the advertisement cost through this newest, largest and one 
of the most realistic way will be 

only USD299.00

(please note: you have to submit us your own advertisement contents, we show them to the peoples all over the world. if you 
want us to make the advertisement contents for you, the cost will be different with the above price based on your requirements)
we can advertise your products and services to your targeted market, we do our best to help you with a lowest cost, high return, good result. helping you to make money on the way with enjoying easy life.

                                     Email Addresses for sale

we have also got different optional bulk email addresses list for sale as well, the parcel of prices as follows:

-- 0.5 million email addresses @ only usd89.00 or
-- 1 million email addresses @ only usd149.00 or
-- 2 million email addresses @ only usd228.00
-- 3 milion email addresses @only usd298.00
-- 4 milion email addresses @only usd368.00
-- 5 milion email addresses @only usd398.00
-- 8 milion email addresses @only usd498.00
-- 10 milion email addresses @only usd598.00 

if you order over 10 million emails, we send you a special bulk email quicksender(valued usd199.00) for free.

Do not waste the money, time today, for more information, please do not hesitate to contact us @

Tel: +86-755-5506368
Fax: +86-755-5614868

                              Comparision for your Return on the different Investment ways!

(calculating by sending 0.5 million emails) see below:

Costs Per Piece For:      E-Maillisting      Banner Ads         Direct Mail
 basic                     $0.0000299         $ 0.05             $ 0.10   
Material                                                         $ 0.34   
Creative                                                         $ 0.35   
Postage                                                          $ 0.27   
Distribution                                                     $ 0.14   
Total Cost Per Piece       $0.0000299         $ 0.05             $ 1.20   


How much earned per sale?  $100.00 

                     E-Maillisting       BannerAds       Direct Mail  
Total Program Cost    $ 59                $25000           $ 670000   
Number Responding     37500                5000              5000   
Cost Per Response     $0.001573           $5.00            $ 134   
Number Converting     3750                 500               500   
Cost Per Conversion   $ 0.01573           $50             $ 1340   
** For anticipated responses, you are not guaranteed to have the same success. You may have better success or less success then indicated in this comparison.

                                              Are you tired of: 

-manual submitting 
-watching your site fall of the charts 
-figuring out how, when and where to submit 
-out sourcing 
-per URL charges 
-all the lies, poor results and lagging traffic 

the above latest Email marketing is the fast, best way for you, please do not hesitate to contact us@

Tel: +86-755-5506368, +86-755-5614488
Fax: +86-755-3529328
Email:emarket na

the other  advertisement services:

Usd 998.00/month or
usd 1780/2 months  or
usd 4999/year etc.. (the prices are based on the contents your provide)

---Long terms advertisement service  can be negotiated according your requirement---

best regards!

david su

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