Future: Linux will replace Microsoft Windows getting 98% desktop market!

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Čtvrtek Únor 28 13:56:45 CET 2002

beos are dead aka out of business ?
"Ken Morris" <kenmo na hfx.andara.com> wrote in message
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> I wouldn't bet the farm on it. Although Linux may surpass some
> versions of Windows, especially Windows 9x, in stability I doubt it
> will ever get as easy to install and configure as Windows. I'm hoping
> it does 'cause I want someone to give Microsoft a run for their money.
> And I'm hoping it's Linux now that BeOS is dead.
> I like what I see in the Linux distros I've looked at so far.
> Especially Mandrake 8.1. It was one of the easiest OSes I've ever
> installed but I still had problems with my USB mouse and I still had
> to do some configuring to get my burner to work. I just don't have to
> do those things with Windows 98SE or 2000 or XP. I must admit 8.1 was
> a big improvement over 7, which didn't recognize my sound card,
> ethernet nic or Promise PCI ATA controller. 8.1 did recognize all
> these things. And YES I was impressed.
> I see Linux's true strengh as a Network Operating System. I think over
> time it will displace Netware and give NT Server a good run for it's
> money. I just don't see it as a home os as it lacks the gaming support
> (yeah I kow about WINE) nor do I see it as a business office desktop
> platform as there is nothing on the desktop that can touch Microsoft
> Office.
> I work for the Government of Nova Scotia in Canada. I've had
> delegations from Japan, Washington, Iceland, etc arrive at our office
> asking us for a laptop with MS Powerpoint so that they give our
> management or our Politicians a demonstration of some proposal they
> have developed in Powerpoint. The business world uses MS Office. There
> is nothing we can do to change that untill something  better and less
> costly is available. One thing Microsoft does well is Marketing !
> Cheers
> Kenmo
> On Tue, 12 Feb 2002 03:05:24 GMT, computertechnology
> <"alavoor[remove-all-this-to-reply]"@yahoo.com> wrote:
> >Future: Linux will replace Microsoft Windows getting 98% desktop market!
> >
> >Linux is promoting brilliant ideas and beautiful innovations:
> >
> >* One single MS Windows 2000 server can serve upto 5000 Linux PCs!
> >
> >* Linux runs the MS Windows applications by using WinConnect on
> >  remote MS Windows 2000/XP server. One single MS Windows 2000/XP
> >  server is very powerful enough to cater to 5000 Linux users.
> >  See http://www.thincomputinginc.com/winconnect
> >
> >* Installing/Upgrading Linux on desktop is less than 5 seconds!
> >  Please see 'Diskless howto' at
> >  You will simply pop in "Live Linux" CDROM into the CD drive and
> >  power on and Linux comes up on desktop! You can upgrade every 2
> >  months by simply throwing away old CDROM and insert new
> >  "Live Linux" CDROM, upgrade in just 5 seconds and there is no
> >  hard disk installation!! Try to upgrade the MS Windows, you
> >  will spend 4 to 5 hours installing the system and compare that
> >  with "Live Linux" which takes just 5 seconds to upgrade!
> >
> >* One large Linux server can cater upto 5000 diskless Linux desktops.
> >
> >* Alternate option to WinConnect is VNC remote display client,
> >  for details see 'Diskless howto' at
> >
> >* Using WinConnect or VNC you can run all the MS Windows
> >  applications like MS Office, MS Outlook, MS Access, MS Excel
> >  natively but using Linux Desktops. Extra plus is you can run all
> >  the Linux applications and MS Windows applications from
> >  Linux Desktop!
> >
> >* You may want to kiss and say goodbye to Microsoft on desktop!
> >  You must also kiss and say goodbye to vast amounts US $$$$$$$s
> >  which you spent on software licenses from Microsoft. Whatever
> >  money you spent on MS Windows desktop is gone forever.
> >  Where do you have so much money to pay Microsoft ??
> >
> >* Linux is excellent on servers and is rock solid. You will have
> >  excellent service from Linux on server side. Linux runs
> >  email servers, database servers, apache web servers,
> >  application servers, file servers, print servers, source code
> >  control CVS servers and the list goes on and on and
> >  on ...... hundreds and hundreds of them.
> >
> >* Linux is a serious competition to Microsoft on desktops and
> >  servers!
> >
> >For details on Linux visit the mega site
> >
> >
> >Every day about 10,000 persons visit this popular site!
> >

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