vypinani monitoru u prihlasovaciho dialogu X

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Úterý Červenec 30 09:09:59 CEST 2002

On Mon, Jul 29, 2002 at 09:04:34PM +0200, David Trcka wrote:
> 3. nastaveni pomoci 'xset dpms t1 t2 t3' (jsou to casy pro blank, suspend, 
> off), ktery jsem ale nezkousel, protoze nevim presne, kam toto mam napsat, 
> aby to bylo umisteno korektne a provedlo se to ihned po spusteni X.

$ man X
xdm (the X Display Manager)
  If  you want to always have X running on your dis-
  play, your site administrator can set your 
  your X environment.  By default, if  you  have  an
  executable  file  named  .xsession  in  your  home
  directory, xdm will treat  it  as  a  program  (or
  shell  script)  to  run  to  start up your initial
  clients (such as  terminal  emulators,  clocks,  a
  window  manager, user settings for things like the
  background, the speed of the pointer, etc.).  Your
  site administrator can provide details.

takze .xsession

Myslim ze by to melo fungovat i s kdm/gdm ale ruku do
ohne bych za to nedal. Mozna ze pak prestne fungovat 
ta valba v menu pri vyberu wm, mozna pro to slouzi ta
volba default. 

Jo a pokud pouzivate WindowMakera tak je moznost pouzit

myslim ze vetsina ostatnich wmanageru ma neco podobnuho


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