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Lubos Lunak l.lunak na sh.cvut.cz
Pondělí Květen 20 14:56:04 CEST 2002

Juraj Vaclavik wrote:

> Dobrý den,
> chtěl bych rozumně rozchodit KDE 2 (nebo snad i 3) na 64 MB RAM. Prosím
> poraďte, kde a jak co nastavit, aby nejel pořád swap.

 No, jako idealni reseni bych videl si sehnat stroj casu a zaletet si do 
budoucnosti pro nastroje zmensujici pametovou narocnost C++ knihoven (typu 
prelink & spol.) ;).

 Pak jeste muzete zkusit nektere z nasledujicich veci, copy&paste z jednoho 
jineho mailu a jsem liny to prekladat, doufam, ze to nevadi. Ty posledni veci 
uz jsou pravda trochu pritazene za vlasy.

 Btw, few tips on KDE startup time and memory usage :

- if you see something like 'IceTransmkdir: Owner of /tmp/.ICE-unix should be 
set to root' in you ~/.xsession-errors , put the following in some of you 
system startup scripts
  chown root:root /tmp/.ICE-unix
  chmod 1777 /tmp/.ICE-unix
 You'll get 5 seconds speedup.
- do 'ps aux | grep <user>' and try to minimize the number of running 
processes (KDE applications have quite high memory requirement per process, 
partially also due to the linker)
  - stop using kwrited, it's only used by wall(1) and write(1) , in KDE3, you 
can turn that off in the Konsole kcontrol module, in KDE2, simply remove it's 
binaries (remove $KDEDIR/bin/kwrited, $KDEDIR/lib/kwrited.so, 
  - stop using knotify, who needs those annoying sounds anyway (it's actually 
sometimes used for useful things, like error dialogs from the printing 
system), just again remove knotify binaries (no system solution in time for 
KDE3, I'm afraid)
  - don't use khotkeys (just delete $KDEHOME/share/config/khotkeysrc, it 
won't run then in KDE2.2 , and I'll fix it ASAP in KDE3)
  - turn off the alarm daemon if you don't need it
  - don't use klipper (in KDE3, you'll be able to run it as an applet, which 
saves memory, I just need to commit those few changes when Dirk is not 
looking >;) )
  - use KMixApplet instead of docked KMix, it's again one process less, not 
to mention the fact that the applet is simply better anyway
 - use only a single color or horizontal/vertical gradient for background, no 
pictures, no different background for different desktops (amazing how that 
can eat memory)
 - don't use TTF fonts without AA (i.e. don't set TTF fonts in 
settings/l&f/fonts) - X11 must be loading the whole font in memory or what
 - turn off starting arts on startup, it's just sounds anyway
 - in settings/peripherals/keyboard, turn the layouts off completely (the 
checkbox at the top), and set the layout in XF86Config
 - don't use all that stupid eyecandy like fading menus, fading applets, 
highlighting of icons and buttons
 - buy faster CPU, more RAM and faster HDD  ... uhm wait, this is not what 
you want to hear
 - use smaller resolutions, there's definitely less to paint on 400x300 than 
on 1400x1050
 - before logging in KDE, start with a short prayer to the Great 
 - recompile KDE with --disable-bloat
 - I think I'd better stop now

 Z veci, ktere tu chybi, by se jeste daly jmenovat takove zakladni veci jako 
nebezet veci jako Apache, FTP server a podobne, misto ext2 pouzit ext3 nebo 
reiserfs (udajne jsou rychlejsi). Co se tyka KDE2 vs KDE3, asi bych radeji 
zkusil nejdriv KDE3 a myslim, ze to se do 64MiB i jeste prijatelne vejde (na 
swap ale samozrejme obcas pojede).

 Jako docela trivialni moznost reseni se take nabizi vzit asi tak tisicikorunu 
a jit do nejakeho obchodu koupit jeste dvakrat tolik pameti.

 Lubos Lunak
 l.lunak na email.cz ; l.lunak na kde.org

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