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Press Release- Italian Accomplishments Book- NEW 3rd Edition
Covers over 2500 Years. Discover ancient Rome to 21st Century !
Also, a great gift for any holiday !
"The Golden Milestone - Over 2500 Years of Italian Contributions to
NEW 3rd Edition, 549 pages, 34 Illustrations by Russell Esposito.

Published by The New York Learning Library  (
"The Golden Milestone" has received outstanding reviews and is an
international bestseller that covers Roman, Italian and Italian-American

===== BOOK REVIEWS PRAISE "The Golden Milestone"

Emily T. Gear, Curator/Director, Garibaldi-Meucci Museum, NYC --
"Passionate... Readers become hopelessly engrossed...absolutely is a resource of rare historical and contemporary

Anthony Parente, Feature Columnist, --
"...a comprehensive book that just may be considered the bible of
Italian culture and heritage."

Gregory Mario Jacovini, Publisher, The Italian Newspaper --
"The Golden Milestone is a monumental achievement... Nothing else comes
close to this."

James E. Celeberti, President & CEO, Museum of Italian Culture--
"The Golden Milestone is a profound treasure of enlightenment. A
required reference book."

C.J. Lepore, Publisher of Amici Magazine--
"A milestone other book (on Italian heritage) offers
readers more....Esposito's ability to blend facts with humor and
personal anecdotes makes this book educational and a delight to  read."

Professor N. A. Gargano, McMaster University, Humanities Faculty--
"...well-researched, comprehensive, refreshing anthology...invaluable
tool is a must for any enthusiast, student, or scholar of Italian
studies, culture and civilization."

John Fiore, MD
President, Italian Cultural Institute of the New York Capital District--
"The Golden Milestone is a must....Carefully researched and documented
....a pleasurable experience. We give it our highest recommendation."

Professor Fred Gardaphe, Ph.D.
President, American Italian Historical Association
Director, Italian-American Studies Program, Stony Brook University, NY
Vice President, Italian Cultural Center, Stone Park, IL --
"Until you read the whole book, you'll never get a sense of the immense
impact the Italian mind has had on....the world."

Bob Masullo, The Voice of Sacramento 88.7 FM --
" The Golden Milestone...really is a treasure covers an
amazing sweep of Italic heritage and history."

Paul Rosetti, Editor, Italian Tribune --
"...a comprehensive history of the tremendous influence the Italian
culture has had upon our civilization. This book is a must-read not only
for members of the Italian American community, but for Italo-philes the
world over."

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Delivers 7 to 14 days anywhere in the world !
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This comprehensive book on Italians and Italian-Americans accomplishments
contains 22 chapters (549 pages) on every subject, from the arts and
sciences to sports and entertainment celebrities. The author's ability to
blend facts with some humor and personal anecdotes makes this book a joy to
read. The book covers the wonders of ancient Rome, Renaissance Italy, as
well as modern accomplishments and Nobel Prize winners. The book is
illustrated and contains an amazing collection of inventions and
accomplishments. For example, Italians invented the piano, violin, opera,
ballet, battery, telescope, radio,  telephone (on Staten Island in NYC
before Alexander Bell) and split the first atom. Discover how the Lincoln
memorial in Washington D.C. was carved in NYC by Italians, and read about
the origins of many famous fairy tales (Cinderella, Snow White, Pinocchio,
etc.). Also, learn about other distinguished Italians: Chairman & CEO of
the New York Stock Exchange, President of the European Union's Commission,
and the Director of the European Space Agency.

This books also inclues a unique 'Italy Travel Guide' supplement that
combines history and attractions for over twenty cities and locations in
Italy. A great gift idea for any occasion !

I.        American Government
II.       Art & Architecture
III.      Art & Architecture,  Contributions to America
IV.       Astronomy
V.        Culinary Contributions
VI.       Culture, Conventions & Traditions
VII.      Economics, Finance & Accounting
VIII.     Exploration
IX.       Fashion
X.        Language & Literature
XI.       Law
XII.      Mathematics
XIII.     Medicine, Biology & Health
XIV.     Military Contributions
XV.      Music (Development, Instruments, Ballet & Opera)
XVI.     Philosophy
XVII.    Proverbs & Quotations
XVIII.   Religion
XIX.     Science & Technology
XX.      Sports, Theater & Entertainment
XXI.     Transportation
XXII.    World Peace

Italy Travel Guide supplement

Acknowledgments and Credits
Reader's Feedback

Russ Esposito graduated from the City College of New York and obtained
an advanced degree from New York University. He has been an instructor
at the State University of New York and a Visiting Professor at Touro
College. Mr. Esposito is an active lecturer and is a member of the
Executive Committee of the Museum of Italian Culture, NYS Board of

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