Komercni aplikace pod GTK?

Josef Smidrkal josef.smidrkal na mensa.cz
Úterý Březen 14 12:24:09 CET 2006

jak jsem slibil: odpoved na muj dotaz na gnu.org:

Dear Josef,

Thank you for your inquiry about Free Software licensing.

The FSF has offered Free Software licensing support for many years,
and has a recognized engineering and legal expertise in this area.  As
demand and expectation of our service has grown, we have required
additional funds to support our work.  To this end we now offer our
services by paid consultation to non-free software developers.

To answer your questions as outlined, will require 30 minutes of
consultation time, at a cost of $150. If you wish to proceed, please
make a payment by credit card at
<https://agia.fsf.org/licensing/payment> and e-mail us to let us know
that you have done so.  We will then send you an e-mail answering your
questions, and allow you appropriate follow up.  If you prefer to
discuss this by telephone, just let us know what times are good for

If you do not want to pay for this service, I suggest you carefully
review the resources we provide about licensing at
<http://www.gnu.org/licenses/licenses.html> and refer to your legal

Best regards,

Brett Smith
Free Software Foundation Licensing Team

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