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Medical Databases - All new 2007 Versions

Below prices good until April 5 /07

**** American Doctor Database ****

788K Doctors in the USA - Separated By State / MS Excel format
FIELDS: First name, Last name, Title, Specialty,
Address (city, state, zip, county), Medical School Attended,
Location of Residency Training, Phone, Fax, Email, Website,
Primary Specialty, Secondary Specialty, Graduation Year,
Major Activity, Hospital, Group Practice Abms Certification 
{{SPECIAL PRICE > $329.95 (until April 5)}}

**** American Doctor Email Only Database ****
Over 17K doctors with email addresses
FIELDS: full name, email address, mailing address and specialty
{{SPECIAL PRICE > $229.95 (until April 5)}}

**** American Hospital Database ****
over 171K hospital admins in
over 7K hospitals in the USA.
{{SPECIAL PRICE > $209.95 (until April 5)}}

**** American Nursing Home Database ****
over 31K Senior admins,
11K Nursing Directors in over 14K Nursing
Homes in the United States.
{{SPECIAL PRICE > $209.95 (until April 5)

For additional details or to purchase a database please email- sourcemd na OR call (206) 


To be permanently scrubbed from our database, please send an email with "scrub" in the subject heading.

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