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Úterý Březen 4 16:53:05 CET 2008

On Tuesday 04 March 2008 13:52:07 Vladimír Náprstek wrote:
> modules-update neznám, možná update-modules, ale jeho man říká
Aha gentoo to ma pres wrapper

> následující: "update-modules is an obsolete command which does
> nothing.". Zkusil jsem a opravdu nic nedělá.

Asi se debian chova jinak. Gentoo si s nim rozumi:

~ # modules-update --help
 * Please run 'update-modules' from now on; 'modules-update' is going away
Usage: update-modules [options]

 --assume-kernel=KV  Assume the kernel is at least version KV
 -b, --backup        Backup existing config files (add .old ext)
 -f, --force         Force execution in face of bad things
 -D, --devfs         Force generation of devfs config files
 -v, --verbose       Be a bit more verbose in what we do
 -d, --debug         Helpful debug output
 -V, --version       Dump version info
 -h, --help          This help screen, duh

~ # man update-modules

       update-modules - (re)generate module config files in /etc/

       update-modules [options]

       update-modules is a simple tool to manage the module config files found 
in the /etc/ directory.

       The  old  Linux module utilities use a single file for all their 
configuration.  This makes it difficult for packages to dynamically add 
information about
       their own modules.

       update-modules makes the dynamic addition of information easier by 
generating the single configuration file from  the  many  files  located  
in  /etc/mod-
       ules.d/.  All files in that directory are assembled together to 
form /etc/modules.conf.

       Newer  Linux  module  utilities  include support automatically for a 
directory of configuration files in /etc/modprobe.d/.  However, to maintain 
       compatibility with packages that do not yet support this, we still need 
to assemble the contents of /etc/modules.d/ and /etc/modprobe.d/ and  produce  
       corresponding /etc/modules.conf and /etc/modprobe.conf.

       Also, when requested, it is also possible to 
generate /etc/modules.devfs.

atd atd...


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