Debian 7->8 dist-upgrade instaluje x11

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Čtvrtek Leden 11 11:06:17 CET 2018

On 11.1.2018 10:45, Adam Pribyl wrote:
> On Wed, 10 Jan 2018, Jan Marek wrote:
> I tak diky, budu to jeste zkoumat. Skoda ze proste neni mozne nejak vypsat strom reseni zavislosti, z toho by to bylo 
> videt, ale nic takoveho jsem nenasel.
jde to vizualizovat příkaze apt-cache dotty

dotty pkg...
            dotty takes a list of packages on the command line and generates output suitable for use by dotty from the 
GraphViz[1] package. The result will be a set of nodes and edges representing the relationships between the
            packages. By default the given packages will trace out all dependent packages; this can produce a very large 
graph. To limit the output to only the packages listed on the command line, set the APT::Cache::GivenOnly

            The resulting nodes will have several shapes; normal packages are boxes, pure virtual packages are triangles, 
mixed virtual packages are diamonds, missing packages are hexagons. Orange boxes mean recursion was
            stopped (leaf packages), blue lines are pre-depends, green lines are conflicts.

            Caution, dotty cannot graph larger sets of packages.

Vyjde docela hezká pavučina :-)

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