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Středa Leden 13 17:04:29 CET 2021

With heavy whimper in my heart I call it Vanity upon Vanity, my names is Ruth Shoreline, I have been hit with evil pandemic Covid -19, and the doctor said I have few days live, and presently I have lost all my families through this evil pandemic Covid-19 as my only son contracted it and spread to all family members

I was so shocked when the doctor stated I have only few to live, I cried as all that I have worked for in life is gone, all my houses, cars, ships and my money is gone,

I drafted this message through my Doctor's PA - PC, in search of trusted traits to facilitate my wealthy accomplishment in life to underprivileged people in the world; presently I have instructed my Branch Bank Manger to take directive from my Lawyer to an interested person who wishes to handle this assignment to help humanity since Covid-19 wants to take my life away to leave all I have worked for underprivileged people in the world

So please contact my family Lawyer Mr.Terry Anderson via  Text message (+3197005032608) Or Email me via (bosrkioffice na further communication.,

Please stay safe and bear in mind Covid-19 is real always stays 2MT distance from people and always wash your hands and stay save,


Ruth Chang

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