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Inside The Fight For The Right To Die: Logistical And Ethical Challenges
Katie Engelhart explores the complexity of physician-assisted death in the book The Inevitable. She says patients seeking to end their own lives sometimes resort to veterinary drugs from overseas.

Coronavirus: Germany imposes Easter lockdown to curb new surge
Rising infections have put Germany in a "very serious" situation, Chancellor Angela Merkel says.
People seen lying on the ground in eyewitness video
Video shows a person motionless on the ground inside a Boulder, Colorado, King Soopers supermarket following police reports of an active shooter at the location. 
Clive Myrie to take over hosting duties on Mastermind after John Humphrys departure 
Clive Myrie, best known for presenting the BBC's News at Ten, has been unveiled as the new host of Mastermind.
Officer Killed in Colorado Shooting Identified as Eric Talley, Veteran Cop and Father of Seven
A suspect in the killing at least 10 people in King Soopers grocery store was arrested by police after a standoff that lasted several hours; however, authorities haven't revealed his identity.

Netanyahu Seeks Reelection As Weary Israelis Return To The Polls
For the fourth time in less than two years, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is seeking to assemble a coalition of right-wing parties that will give him a majority in Israel's parliament.

The women who hope to break the mould of Scottish politics
There has never been a single woman of colour sitting at the Scottish Parliament in its 22-year history.
Sex, Nazis and da Vinci: The hidden history of Italian rice
It was the movie that added sex appeal to the gritty neorealist film period and made a star out of actress Silvana Mangano.
'Smiling' Sturgeon's political future saved by Salmond report
No wonder she seemed to be smiling.
Tesla Vehicles Reportedly Banned From Chinese Military Sites Due to Security Concerns
China is the biggest market for electric vehicles in the world, with Tesla one of the biggest players.

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