[Fedora TeX Live] Cannot use vim-latex with texlive 2012

Jindrich Novy jnovy at redhat.com
Sun Apr 15 11:48:14 CEST 2012

On Sat, Apr 14, 2012 at 05:46:48PM +0100, José Matos wrote:
> On 2012-04-14 08:25, Johannes Lips wrote:
> > I don't think that's a bug in vim-latex because I get the same error
> > when installing another Tex-Editor. I think the problem are some
> > missing provides in the new 2012 texlive packages.
> > This should be easy to fix but I think it's the reason for many
> > problems reported recently.
> >
> > Johannes 
> tex(latex) is not provided in texlive-2012 packages, since several
> packages in fedora require it the upgrade fails...

It seems that the tex(latex) (and likely other provides) are broken
for some reason:

$ rpm -qp --provides
texlive-collection-latex = 1:svn25030-0.1.20120412_r25934

Not the newline between tex(latex)= and 2012. Investigating...


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