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Dan Ohnesorg, admin on power wrote:

> > pripoja .. ked chcem spravit to iste z NT (NT
> > 4.0), tak to nefunguje ..
> Pravdepodobne problemy s kryptovanim. Ve
> zdrojacich je pro NT tento soubor.
> ;Contributor:   Tim Small (tim.small na
> ;Updated:       20 August 1997 ;Status: Current ;
> ;Subject:       Registry file to enable plain
> text passwords in NT4-SP3 and later
> [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servi
> ces\Rdr\Parameters]
> "EnablePlainTextPassword"=dword:00000001

Tahle rada sice bude fungovat, ale strasne me rozciluje :-)

viz. nize:

Samba and Encrypted Passwords

Microsoft have recently released a patch for Windows 95 that prevents it 
from passing clear text
passwords over the network. 

     Windows 95 Update Prevents Sending Clear-Text Password Over Net 
     Last reviewed: June 6, 1997 
     Article ID: Q165403 

In this article it states that Samba is known not to handle encrypted 

This is not true, Samba can handle encrypted passwords. 

For details on how to configure Samba for encrypted passwords, please 

BTW: toto je treba take udelat po instalaci SP3 na WindowsNT 4.0

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