Squid a offline

Derfinak Jan derfinak na hron.fei.tuke.sk
Středa Říjen 29 15:49:16 CET 1997

On Tue, 28 Oct 1997, Tomas Potok wrote:

> Hrabal som sa v squid.conf, ale asi som prehliadol nejaky riadok, kde by sa
> dal nastavit zakaz cacheovania pre vybrane servery.

V squid.conf je:

#  TAG: local_domain
#       This tag specifies a list of domains local to your organization.
#       Usage: local_domain my.domain [ my.other.domain ...]
#       For URLs which are in one of the local domains, the object
#       is always fetched directly from the source and never from a
#       neighbor or parent.


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